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Our SOS Sweet Adeline of the Year

Every Region 14 chorus and prospective chorus is encouraged to give honor and recognition to that very special, above average chorus member who exhibits some- or all- of the following characteristics: 

1. Goes above and beyond the call of duty.

2. Exemplifies a true spirit of harmony within the chorus and community; 

3. Loves and constantly promotes Sweet Adelines International; willingly gives time outside the framework of rehearsal time in any of the following forms: works in membership recruitment; serves as section leader or tape reviewer; prepares learning tapes; gives PVIs; serves as performance coordinator; has outstanding performance attendance; moves risers; participates in, or chairs/coordinates, any of the chorus' standing committees; helps new members with music and choreography; etc, etc, etc. 

In addition to the regional SAOY Award presented at the Fall Music School, each Chorus honors the recipient with special recognition within their own chorus family.


                                                          Pam Knighten   2019-2020  

Pam Knighten Picture
                    2019-2020 SOS  Sweet Adeline of the Year


 Pam joined Song O' Sky Chorus in 2013 as a lead, but later changed to tenor.
 She feels that this was a perfect fit!

She is currently serving as Membership and also Management Team member.
 She leads physical warm-ups as well as a myriad of other roles.
She brings her gracious charm as well as her sense of hilarity. 

We are truly fortunate to have her and we offer our thanks and congratulations to Pam as Song O' Sky's 2019-2020 Sweet Adeline of the year!


          Frances Ogasawara


                                 2017-2018                  Dot Schneider                       









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